Warm Welcome from Boracay Online Booking Services, your Personal Travel Agent!
Boracay Online Booking Services is dedicated to give the best service to all our travellers who want to spend their vacation here in Boracay Island. Our mission is to help you out to plan your vacation here in Boracay Island and able to provide you absolute and accurate information regarding Boracay accommodation. Our vision is to have all our guest travellers not to limit their choices of room to stay at the budget that they want.
Boracay Online Booking Services offers;
Airport Transfer Service to all our guests for easy and comfortable travel going to hotel
Guaranteed Discounted Room Rates whatever Season!
Guaranteed and Secured Booking upon your arrival
Friendly and Professional Staff to attend your needs 24/7
Budgeted Rooms, Hotels, Resorts, Apartments, Beach Houses and Villas

Boracay Online Booking Services is confident that all our guests have room to stay upon their arrival in Boracay Island; thats why we collect your inquiry first, process and reserve the rooms to hotel or resort before we present confirmation voucher.
How to have Guaranteed Booking?
1.Fill-up the reservation form.
2.Send it back to us and give us at least 8-24 hours to process.
3.We can promise that we can deliver response within 24 hours regarding the status of your bookings.
4.Once you comply in all our requirements, you will receive the confirmation voucher thru your email address which is truly confirmed booking to your preferred hotel and airport transfer.
5.That is how easy to book your preferred room to us as well as your airport transfer and island activities.

If you want different arrangement for your vacation, you are free to send it to info@boracayonlinebookingservices.com
Boracay Online  Booking Services
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